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Review of Two stops short of Barking in Tentacular magazine

Gboyega Odubanjo's book Two stops short of Barking has been reviewed in Issue 8 of Tentacular, an online poetry, responses and arts magazine.

Speaking about the pamphlets' combination of poetry and interviews, SK Grout writes: "These interviews provide an interesting contrast and parallel to the poems; readers cannot know whether the poems or the conversations came first, but both speak to the power and inspiration of home on creative practice."

Read the full review here!

Two stops short of Barking is published by The Alternative School of Economics, having been made during a residency with Rabbits Road Institute Library. It is available to buy in ASE's online shop here.

It can also be purchased at the following bookshops:

Newham Bookshop, London Review Bookshop, Pages of Hackney, Peckham Books, South London Gallery bookshop, and Goodpress Gallery Glasgow.

Copies are available to borrow in London borough of Barking and Dagenham Libraries.

The pamphlet is also in collections of Stuart Hall Library INIVA, and the Black Cultural Archives, Brixton.


Review of Two stops short of Barking in Tentacular magazine