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Rabbits Road Institute Library in Liverpool

In March 2022, the Library travelled to the Strand shopping centre in Bootle, Liverpool to be installed at Moon in Venus, a space for local women to come together to collectively heal from the burden of debt, learn how we got here, and start to imagine a future beyond their current financial situation.

Conceived by Jeanne van Heeswijk in 2019, Moon in Venus is co-organised by Venus Charity and Rule of Threes, in response to the cost of living crisis and the growing need for access to services and support with money and debt management in the area.

A selection of books were chosen to help visitors delve into subjects relating to women, economics, power, working together and activism. We were also able to purchase some new books for the Library nominated by participants and those involved that relate to the themes of the project: updates to the collection to follow soon!

As part of the programme, we ran a workshop about the energy crisis and understanding how the energy market works - it was a really great conversation: thanks to everyone who came a long and took part, to Phoebe Bachman for inviting us and the Library, to Jeanne van Heeswijk and everyone at Rule of Threes and Venus Charity.


Rabbits Road Institute Library in Liverpool